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What went into the campaign?

Pizza! Yes you read that right, pizza can earn you stupendous amounts of followers and spike engagement too. Dominos India figured out the perfect recipe for cooking up 38,000 followers in just a day. This demonstrated the true power of giveaways and put into perspective how you can leverage your products and services as a business owner in any consumer facing industry against social media followers. Read along to know the strategic approach that dominos put in and to contemplate things you can execute for your brand’s socials to pull off such a campaign.

How to pull off such a heist?

Step 1: Grab their attention.

Market the largest number you can, details can come later once you have the attention of your audience. The contest was marketed as the celebration of the opening of their 1500th store in India on the 1st of February 2022 when they were about to give away 1500 pizzas on their social media. Dominos gave away pizzas in a batch of 250 each which is a very small sample size considering the 400k followers they already have but when you see 1500 free pizzas, it feels like a high probability of grabbing the code and that’s what any campaign needs to attain success.

Kyuki free me milega toh phenyl bhi piyega!

Step 2: Anticipate the obvious and deploy your strategy accordingly.

Now everybody knows that there will be some buzzkill in the comments who will post the answer to the quiz but the marketing team did the smart thing by keeping the sample size of each coupon code so small (250 uses) that it gets used up to its limit before the said buzzkill posts the answer.

The Dominos India account was made private for the duration of the contest and smartly marketed as a private pizza party! This move requires continuous monitoring of the social media so as to accept follow requests actively and maximise the participation of the people who discover the campaign on the said D-Day which was done quite flawlessly.

The puzzles that were used to encode the coupon codes were just the right amount of tedious to tantalise the audience but also not tedious enough to make them want to give up because when you dangle the proposition of free pizza, nobody will back down(unless the effort required is more than the reward in question).

The Domino Effect – People who were able to claim free pizza posted stories about it which created a literal domino effect (sorrynotsorry) into influencing their friends to try out their luck for the next round and that might have been responsible for a considerable percentage of participation.

ƨ ʇ i ⅽ ʞ s

Retention Strategy – Dominos keeps running coupon code giveaways to keep the new chunk of followers incentivized to keep following the account after the campaign

Step 3: Put the word out (PR)

Steam Summer Sale Final Day – Shut up and take my shutup and take my shutup and take my money.

Many Influencers posted stories about how you can claim free pizzas by following dominos and engaging in the puzzles that will be posted on the D-Day (1st February) which was quite a large point of contact to reach new audiences within the grasp of these influencers and what better motivator to convert these followers than free pizza?

Step 4: Be prepared for the duration of campaign

Chaos is not chaotic if you have enough resources to manage it. An extremely active ORM team is required to be deployed for the duration of the campaign to actively accept the follow requests of the enormous amounts of followers that will be coming in and also to respond to their queries as well as engage with a few interesting comments.